Following God’s Path to Total Body Wellness and Business Success

We may have strategies for total body wellness, but listening to God’s plan is essential. He often has bigger and better plans in store. Linda Bailey’s story is about resilience, passion, and unwavering faith.

A Transformative Collaboration with Robyn Graham

Linda’s business took a remarkable turn when she joined forces with Robyn Graham, a seasoned business strategist and coach. Together, they embarked on a transformative journey that saw Linda’s business thrive despite significant personal challenges. This collaboration showcased the potential for growth and success, especially concerning strategies for Total Body Wellness.

The Power of Processes and Automation

Solid systems and processes are imperative to growing your business and preparing for life’s obstacles. Systems and methods provide structure and stability in your business, even when you are pulled away for other matters.

Systems to Keep Your Business Running Smoothly

After working with Robyn to make these changes in her business, Linda is now ranked number 2 on Google for one of her main search terms. Also, she is becoming an authority on Strategies for Total Body Wellness. Focusing on implementing a solid SEO strategy, like the one Robyn taught Linda, makes a huge difference.

The Secret Sauce: Body Balance Testing for Total Body Wellness

Linda’s unique body balance testing method is a non-invasive, chemical-free way to identify deficiencies in the body—vitamins, minerals, amino acids, or fatty acids. This customized approach formulates these remedies into easy-to-use patches, which clients wear to experience significant health benefits. These small one-inch patches help with increased energy levels, better sleep, reduced anxiety, and more. They focus on total body wellness, encompassing physical, mental, and social well-being. Linda uses a holistic approach, ensuring clients feel better physically and achieve mental clarity and social happiness. This comprehensive methodology is why her clients, including those from out-of-state and diverse backgrounds, trust her with their health. These small patches replace the need for a cabinet full of vitamins and supplements to achieve total body wellness without the risk of toxicity.

The importance of achieving total body wellness

When you achieve total body wellness, you feel better, have better relationships, and are happier.

The Influence of Faith on Business Success

Linda’s faith has been a cornerstone. It has given her the strength to endure tough times and the wisdom to pivot her business model when needed. Her faith-driven approach has also attracted like-minded clients, creating a harmonious and supportive community. When you follow God’s plan, he brings you soulmate clients with whom you are connected at a soul level based on faith and values.

About Linda

Linda Bailey is the Owner and CEO of Total You Health, LLC. She decided to start the business because she wanted others to know about the healing potential of Photobiomodulation (PBM, or red light) therapy, which may help with various types of pain conditions, anxiety/depression, energy levels, and much more. She found out about this therapy by looking for solutions that may help her oldest daughter’s symptoms resulting from three traumatic brain injuries. It all began right after her daughter turned 16, and she ended up sustaining three traumatic brain injuries (TBI’s) all in a 13-month period. Now, Linda is focused on Body Balance testing, a new standard for how we help those who wish to relieve low energy, inflammation, depression, anxiety, and much more! Total You Health is committed to improving people lives and Linda loves helping people feel much better than they ever thought possible!

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