Modern medicine largely uses medications to treat health conditions.  But there is a growing population of people who wish to try alternative, holistic solutions first. Total body wellness means taking a natural, holistic approach to healing the body.

Total body wellness takes into account the whole person. It looks at physical, mental, and social health as components of entire body wellness.

Why Use Holistic Options?

They emphasize treating the whole person and help you take a more proactive approach to preventing illness. Holistic practitioners tend to spend more time with clients, which helps them determine unique plans of care based on what the client needs instead of same-size-fits-all solutions.

Why Use Natural Remedies?

Natural therapies may have fewer side effects because most are chemical-free. People with chronic conditions who have not found relief through conventional treatments may benefit from this.

Bioenergetic Testing

One holistic solution to try may be Bioenergetic testing.  The scientific community emphasizes evidence-based medicine, and there is a growing body of evidence supporting Bioenergetic testing. 

Evidence of Bioenergetic testing

PubMed, the premier source for biomedical literature, supports health care research and provides trustworthy, timely, and highly authoritative information. Health science practitioners, researchers, faculty, and students repeatedly report PubMed as one of the few sources they use. Read the article linked here –

Body Balance

Body Balance, the total wellness solution at Total You Health, finds deficiencies in vitamins, minerals, hormones and more that can be the cause of you feeling bad. This system determines if each organ is functioning within a normal range. If not, the software program finds a remedy to help that organ work within its normal range again.

Symptoms of Organ Dysfunction

From low energy, depression, anxiety, digestive issues and more, organs that aren’t functioning well can cause a lot of issues in the body. Body Balance testing at Total You Health finds vitamin/mineral deficiencies and hormonal/neurological issues and determines customized remedies to help clients feel better! 

Alternative Approaches

Integrating alternative approaches to achieve total body wellness could be just the thing you need to help with your nagging health concerns.  At a minimum, combining them with conventional medicine may provide a more balanced approach to healthcare. 


Total You Health has solutions to help with total body wellness that are chemical-free and pain-free.  If you suffer with pain, low energy, or just feel plain lousy but don’t know why, give us a try.  It may be just the thing you need to finally feel better!

Client testimonialThe Body Balance testing has literally given me answers to some of my unsolved health questions that went unanswered for years!  Thank you Linda and Body Balance! Denise F.

Ready to take action?

If you would like to explore more ways to prioritize your health and well-being, one thing you can do now is schedule a call to learn more about Body Balance testing at Total You Health –

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