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Achieve total body wellness with our holistic, pain-free and chemical-free solutions for more energy and peace of mind!

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Hi! I'm Linda.

Total You Health ® was created because I believe that everyone can and should, achieve total body wellness to live energetic and pain-free lives.

Why is total body wellness so important to me?

I have a genuine desire to help others lead happier and healthier lives. Therefore, prioritizing the holistic well being of my clients is important to me. Hearing clients express how our solutions have helped them is fulfilling and gives me great joy. Seeing clients’ positive health and wellness changes is a powerful motivator for me to continue to do all I can to help them and others.

Everyone benefits most from a comprehensive, holistic approach to health; so to me, total body wellness means encompassing all aspects of an individual’s life. It goes beyond just physical health, and includes mental and social wellbeing. All parts of your body intertwine. Total body wellness is the result of focusing on all aspects of our lives so that the interconnection and influence each has on the other is deepened for sustainable health and joyful living.

Why is other people’s health so important to me?

After going through the struggles my own daughter suffered as a result of sustaining three traumatic brain injuries, I know what it is like to have someone you care about deal with pain, depression, anxiety, and no energy. Her experience helped me to understand on a deeper level what many people face every day.

How you feel isn’t the only positive impact of total body wellness. Healthy relationships depend on total body wellness too.

Our health and that of our friends and family contribute significantly to the quality of our relationships. When we and people around us are healthy, it brings out a more vibrant, thriving environment, benefiting everyone.

I want this for you, therefore, it is my mission to help as many people as possible achieve good health and thrive in life and relationships.

Physical health – maintaining a healthy body through exercise, nutrition, sleep, and removing harmful habits.

Mental health – managing stress and emotions, cultivating a positive outlook on life, finding purpose, learning new things, staying intellectually active.

Social health – building and maintaining healthy relationships, having a support system, engaging in meaningful social interactions which are essential for total body wellness.

At Total You Health ® we focus on total body wellness so you can achieve sustainable outcomes. Rather than offering a quick fix or bandaid, as with some medications, we use a holistic approach that we believe leads to sustained improvements in each client’s health and quality of life.

What makes Total You Health® unique?

Meeting client’s needs on multiple levels results in higher client satisfaction and loyalty.

We demonstrate a commitment to our clients’ total body wellness, which builds trust and loyalty. Our clients love to share their results and continue to visit us for total body wellness long after they’ve reached their health goals.

Our goal with our unique approach is to help clients alleviate potential health issues in the future. Being proactive and promoting a healthier lifestyle may help prevent chronic conditions.

At Total You Health®, we believe we make a positive impact on people’s lives by helping them achieve their health goals and supporting their total body wellness journey.

One Stop Total Body Wellness

Total You Health® is a one-stop, total body wellness center. We begin with identifying the root cause of the problem you are experiencing – lack of energy, pain, anxiety, depression, lack of focus, sleep issues and more. Then, we evaluate and offer multiple treatment solutions that are chemical-free and pain-free.

Addressing and treating the root cause of your symptoms allows you to heal and achieve total body wellness. You’ll feel great and get back to doing the things you love, like spending quality, pain-free time with family and friends.

Here’s what Erica said about Total You Health

I’ve spent the better part of this year fighting with all kinds of random issues… the biggest ones being:

  • Severe cramps around my cycle, extreme fatigue, zero energy, inability to sleep through the night, random pain not associated with injury

All this while my lab work has been “normal.” Overall, I’m a healthy 37 year old. I eat very balanced and I’m active.

I was at my wits end until I met with Linda Bailey at Total You Health in Roanoke and had a Body Balance scan done. When I say I was skeptical, that’s an understatement! I held on to two metal probes while the system determined vitamin, mineral, hormonal imbalances and more. It then determined the solutions best for me and CUSTOMIZED patches were made. I wear one for 3 days and then change it out. FRIENDS LET ME TELL YOU MY ENTIRE LIFE HAS CHANGED!

I am COMPLETELY OFF my anti-depressant; I sleep through the night HARD; I have cramps, but they aren’t debilitating; I have ENERGY! In fact I get frustrated sometimes because I want to just sit at relax. But I can’t because my body says LET’S GOOOO!!

I wake up in the AM ready to go. The more I learn and study about Eastern medicine and natural remedies the more I realize that we, as Americans, are being made sicker and sicker by the system that is supposed to keep us well.

So if you’re struggling with ANYTHING similar to what I’ve described, give Linda a call. She’s going to take great care of you. As 2024 approaches, it doesn’t have to be about weight loss. It can be about being the healthiest version of you. And if you’re not getting the answers or resolution you want, then seek natural remedies – the answer is out there!

Erica F.

How We Help You Achieve Total Body Wellness

Through our unique approach and treatments we help your body and mind detox, repair, restore and heal. All our therapies are chemical-free and pain-free. We take a natural, holistic approach to healing the body. As a result, you feel great and have more energy.


One Stop Total Body Wellness

So if you feel sluggish, hurt, or wonder why your brain feels foggy, depressed, or anxious, we can help YOU!

It’s your time to freel great by achieving total body wellness!

Total You Health ®

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