Step 6 on How to Transition to New Ways of Eating

This is the last in our series on how to transition to new ways of eating. Have you heard this saying before, “Where attention goes, energy flows”? Basically, this is saying when we put attention on appreciating the things we are doing, we give more energy to the positive steps we are taking. This generates […]

Step 5 on How to Transition to New Ways of Eating

Step Five in our series of blogs on How to Transition to New Ways of Eating is about evaluating and adjusting. This is about not being hard on yourself if you didn’t do something perfectly or if things didn’t go perfectly. Just be curious as to how things turned out. Begin by looking over your […]

Step 4 on How to Transition to New Ways of Eating

Continuing with our series on new ways of eating and how to better make the transition, it may be helpful to approach it as an experiment instead of a permanent change. If you think of it as fun and interesting, you may find it a bit easier. There are two ways to experiment with transitions […]

Step 3 on How to Transition to New Ways of Eating

Step 3 – Learning how to transition to new ways of eating can be difficult. One way you can start is by establishing a baseline. Do this by taking note of the foods you currently consume and set realistic expectations that set you up for success. Don’t try to transition everything all at once but […]

Step 2 on How to Transition to New Ways of Eating

Step 2: Identify your support team. Have you ever heard about the “critter brain”? Any time we embark on something new, this part of our brain cuts on and says, “Oh, I don’t know about this”. It is there to protect you, but it also could be that voice in your head that talks you […]

Step 1 on How to Transition to New Ways of Eating

Have you ever started a diet, weight loss program, or something similar and feel like it is hard to do? Maybe you are trying to cut back on dairy (which is inflammatory) or gluten, but don’t want to go at it “cold turkey”. Whatever the case may be, change is hard! I’m going to discuss […]

Fascia – The Secret to Pain?

I’m sure you have heard of fascia, but you may not understand what it is nor its connection to the body. I am going to share some information with you about what it is but more importantly why we need to care about it. The terms fascia and connective tissue seem to be interchangeable but […]

7 Lower Body Pain Issues and What To Do For Them!

Did you know a whopping three out of four Americans, studies show, will have a foot problem at some time in their lives? We see it all the time in the office and more so now that the weather has gotten a bit warmer. Foot pain is NOT normal and there are remedies out there […]

MELT – the Movement That Heals Pain

Total You Health has a new solution to pain – the MELT method! What is that you might ask, and how does a method that just uses soft body rollers and balls help with so many symptoms from pain, to sleep issues, to overall well-being? MELT is a simple, no pain solution that uses simple […]