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Linda's Journey to Healing

Linda's own journey advocating for her daughter led her to the healing powers of Red Light Therapy. You can read her story here.

As the first to bring the NovoThor whole body red light pod to the general public in Roanoke and all of Virginia, Linda Bailey is the Owner and CEO of Total You Health, LLC. She decided to start the business because she wanted others to know about the healing potential of Photobiomodulation (PBM, or red light) therapy, which may help with various types of pain conditions, anxiety/depression, energy levels, and much more.

She found out about this therapy by looking for solutions that may help her oldest daughter’s symptoms resulting from three traumatic brain injuries. It all began right after her daughter turned 16, and she ended up sustaining three traumatic brain injuries (TBI’s) all in a 13-month period. She suffered with severe migraine-like headaches 24/7, body pain, hallucinations, light and noise sensitivities, and much more. She was not able to go back to school and had the mentality of what Linda describes to be like a five-year old.

Due to two local doctors discharging her daughter from care because they said she showed “abnormal” signs of brain injury and needed a psychiatrist, Linda became her daughter’s advocate since the doctors who discharged her daughter did not give so much as a referral to someone else nor something that could be of help. It was a scary and trying time, as no one seemed to be able to provide any direction at a time when it was needed most. One thing Linda did know however, was that her daughter’s pain was real and “not in her head”. Just because these doctors did not have any answers did not mean there were not any.

Driven to find a solution for her daughter’s symptoms, Linda finally discovered Photobiomodulation therapy and searched for a doctor who provided it. She found Dr. Randolph Merrick in Orange, VA, who used a spot treatment system on her and her daughter. By the second appointment, Linda saw such a difference in her daughter that she asked Dr. Merrick if he would write a prescription so she could purchase a unit for themselves.

From there, Linda used the unit on her daughter but also anyone she could find who suffered with pain. She used it on a wide variety of pain conditions, including a woman who had Shingles in her eye (the rash was greatly reduced and she had no pain in her eye), to a man who had all his teeth removed to be fitted for dentures (it stopped the bleeding immediately and normally that is a two-day process), to various aches and pains resulting from neck, low back, jaw, and knee pain. She proved time and time again this therapy worked, and she was never disappointed in the results she saw.

After three years of success providing pain relief to many using the PBM spot treatment, Linda decided to open a business. Total You Health opened its doors on June 4, 2018, and ever since has been addressing the root cause of health issues of her clients by using non-toxic solutions that heal on a cellular level. The business has grown from offering two therapies to five and has moved to a bigger location. Linda hopes to continue providing her services and expanding her offerings in other locations that also include other types of clients which include equine, canine, and feline ones.

Linda’s daughter is doing well. She went on to graduate from high school after being home-schooled, got accepted to Virginia Tech, graduated from a challenging, pre-med program (Human Nutrition, Foods, & Exercise), and is now in PA school to become a Physician’s Assistant. Total You Health has hundreds of success stories and we invite you to read about them on our website and Facebook pages, as well as those of other businesses throughout the world who use the same therapy.

Linda is setting a new standard for how we help those with pain, who wish to relieve anxiety/depression, or want to do something for low energy/fatigue. Total You Health is committed to improving people lives and Linda loves helping people feel much better than they ever thought possible!

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