You may have heard Total You Health is using sample testing to customize patches to help with certain issues.  We have helped many who have low energy, hormonal issues, depression, anxiety, and more. But let’s look into hair analysis test accuracy.  

So, can we rely on hair analysis test accuracy?  It’s a way to examine a tiny piece of hair to check the levels of various minerals and elements inside us. These elements can include things our bodies need, like iron and zinc, as well as things it doesn’t, like toxins (lead or mercury).

How Does It Work?

Think of your hair as a little time capsule. As it grows, it picks up traces of different elements from our blood. These elements can be studied to get a glimpse into our body’s health and see if we’re missing anything important or if we are overloaded with toxins. 

The Accuracy Question

So are hair analysis tests accurate at spotting deficiencies? You decide:

External Factors:

Our hair is like a sponge, soaking up traces of elements from the world around us. This can provide valuable information about exposure to certain substances in the environment, even weeks or months later.

Individual Differences:

We’re all unique, which means genetics, diet, and even where we live can affect what’s in our hair. Because of this finding a test such as hair analysis that takes into account these individual differences is important instead of relying on a standard, one-size-fits-all test. 

Long-Term Trend:

Since hair grows relatively slowly, it can capture a snapshot of our body’s internal environment over an extended period. Even if there are fluctuations in our dietary intake, hair analysis can help identify long-term trends providing insights into our overall health status.

The Verdict

Hair analysis test accuracy is a valid concern. Total You Health has relied on this type of testing for over a year, especially for our out-of-town clients. It has consistenty given us information to help others feel better. It takes into account our unique differences, provides testing outside the box that is not one-size-fits-all, and helps us determine insights into our overall health.

At a minimum hair analysis test accuracy gives us valuable clues about our health. In the end, hair analysis is a powerful tool. It’s one piece of the puzzle that health professionals can use to understand our bodies better.

Client Testimonial – It hasn’t even been a week on my patches supplements and drops and I am feeling like a new person. Words can’t express how grateful I am to you for the service you provide. -Amanda M.

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