Step Five in our series of blogs on How to Transition to New Ways of Eating is about evaluating and adjusting. This is about not being hard on yourself if you didn’t do something perfectly or if things didn’t go perfectly. Just be curious as to how things turned out.

Begin by looking over your experiments and thinking about how they went. Again, be curious about it, not judgmental. You can ask yourself the following:

For an example, if you tried a certain vegetable and didn’t like the texture or taste, you can experiment with cooking it a different way. You may want to try for instance roasting leafy greens in the oven using different herbs and spices instead of steaming them. Keep in mind, when you first begin cooking new items, it may take several tries to figure out how you like to season something. After this evaluation, implement any adjustments you are curious about trying, decide if it is something you want to stick with, and go from there.

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