Continuing with our series on new ways of eating and how to better make the transition, it may be helpful to approach it as an experiment instead of a permanent change. If you think of it as fun and interesting, you may find it a bit easier.

There are two ways to experiment with transitions in how you eat:

  1. Gradual – This is a progressive approach where you can start the first week with one meal as a new diet, then move on to the second week with two meals following the diet, and three meals the third week. Or, you can try one thing at a time and build from there, such as, “This week, I will substitute all sugar for honey, or eat greens with one meal each day, then the second week, two meals, then three meals in the third week. In any case, you are “breaking in” the new and incorporating it slowly and methodically.
  2. All at once – With this approach, you would define a specific time frame and try a new way of eating 100% of the time. Notice how you feel and what you experience. Keeping track of this will help you to know if you have met your intended goal and/or if you need to tweak the diet a little bit to fulfill the goal even more.

Above all, you need to decide what is best for you. You are the only one who can tell how you feel, what foods give you the most energy, which ones take it away, etc. By keeping track of how you feel and what you experience will help you refine your program and make it your own. A big way to truly make it successful is experiment, finding out what works for you, and making it an adventure. Remember, what is good for you may not necessarily be the best for someone else. So go experiment, keep track of your results, and have fun with new meal choices!

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