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Red Light Therapy For Total Body Wellness

Red Light Theraphy Can Help!

  • Are you tired of feeling pain?
  • Do you have a muscle injury you wish would heal faster?
  • Are you inflamed or achy all over?
  • What if instead you could feel better faster?
  • Red Light Therapy can help!

How Does Red Light Therapy Work?

Cells must have oxygen in order to make energy to do all of their functions. Red light therapy provides oxygen to your cells. In addition, red light therapy helps to detox cells to allow more oxygen into them. When your cells are healthy and have more energy, you have more energy too!

Give your body the tools it needs to work as efficiently as possible by using Medical-Grade Red Light Therapy to detox the cell and allow oxygen in. Red Light Therapy can help all kinds of symptoms, including depression and anxiety.

Added benefits of Red Light Therapy include reducing inflammation, therefore reducing pain. Muscle recovery can also be achieved. And when you recover better, you can train harder and compete longer.

But it’s not just for athletes!

Red light therapy benefits everyone. Anyone who wants their body to reset, rest, and heal from strain, inflammation, and chronic pain can experience relief and healing with red light therapy.

Red light therapy helps you achieve total body wellness, faster!

We all put demands on our bodies each day, so why not lend your body a hand and give it what it needs to recover properly?

Your body has limits and if you push them without proper rest and recovery, you will start feeling the effects of this. Instead, improve your total body wellness with Red Light Therapy!

Red light therapy is safe. There are no contraindications. It is safe to use with pacemakers, plates, pins, rods, and more! And, red light therapy is trusted by the NFL, NHL, NBA, MMA, and UFC sports teams.

What Our Clients Have to Say


Amazing company! Red light therapy is totally the greatest wayRead more


If you are needing some pain relief, you really need to check thisRead more


I go about once a week for the arthritis in my knee and it really eases upRead more

Red Light Therapy

NovoThor© Whole-Body Red Light Therapy Bed

NovoThor© Whole-Body Red Light Therapy Bed is trusted by NFL, NHL, NBA, & UFC sports teams to keep them on their feet. This one-of-a-kind treatment increases blood flow, so whether it’s a sports injury or a hard workout, relax and recover here.

Check out this article on how Jeremy Renner has used Red Light Therapy to recover from a snow plow accident!

NovoThor© Whole Body Red Light Therapy Pod

The NovoThor is a whole body red light therapy that uses red LED light for inflammation and near-infrared light for pain. It is used primarily to treat injuries, reduce pain, relax muscles/joints, and increase blood circulation. It has also been used to help with anxiety, depression, PTSD, and more. The red light comes from the top and the bottom of the body pod. This ensures the whole body is exposed to the same consistent dosage of light. While it looks like a tanning bed, it does not have harmful UV rays like a tanning bed does. The bed is very relaxing, warm, and some people even fall asleep during treatment.

Red Light Therapy

Thor LX-2 Spot Treatment

The LX-2 spot treatment unit uses the same dosage of light as the NovoThor bed but since the light is more concentrated, it can penetrate deeper in the body. Most sessions with the LX-2 can be accomplished in 15 minutes unless a client has two or more body parts that need treatment. Each probe has a certain setting and a technician performs the suggested protocol on the client’s area(s) of concern. The LX-2 uses three different probes that are applied in a certain order. First, the larger, red LED light is used for inflammation. This instrument is used all over the area of concern and each placement lasts for one minute.

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    Amazing company! Red light therapy is totally the greatest way to heal naturally. No more pain! Professional, caring, knowledgeable and great customer service!


    Roanoke, VA

      If you are needing some pain relief, you really need to check this place out. Red light therapy saved Tanner Dallas’ knee last year after Bball and before lax, and it has worked wonders for me! Don’t forget to mention you heard about it from me!


      Roanoke, VA

        I go about once a week for the arthritis in my knee and it really eases up the inflammation and pain. I can't take anti-inflammatories so for me this is a great thing. Thank you Linda and Jess for your dedication to helping others feel better.


        Roanoke, VA