NovoThor Whole Body Red Light Pod


NovoThor Whole Body Red Light Pod

The NovoThor is a whole body red light therapy that uses red LED light for inflammation and near-infrared light for pain. It is used primarily to treat injuries, reduce pain, relax muscles/joints, and increase blood circulation. It has also been used to help with anxiety, depression, PTSD, and more. Some of its benefits include:

Relieves sources of pain

Drugs cover up pain by interfering with chemical signals in the brain. The NovoThor actually treats the source of the pain, relieving muscular and joint pain.

Improves performance

The NovoThor actually improves muscle performance, thereby improving the effectiveness of your workout or helping you hit levels you’ve never reached before.

Helps you stay on your feet

Whether it is an injury or a workout, the NovoThor can redevelop muscles, relax them, and improve their blood flow, helping you get back on your feet faster.

Treats the whole body quickly

The NovoThor treats the whole body all at once in 20 minutes or less. It is relaxing and will leave you feeling better than ever!

The red light comes from the top and the bottom of the body pod.  This ensures the whole body is exposed to the same consistent dosage of light.  While it looks like a tanning bed, it does not have harmful UV rays like a tanning bed does.  The bed is very relaxing, warm, and some people even fall asleep during treatment.  

As the client gets closer to the end of their session, they may feel warmer.  This is because oxygen is entering the cell which produces energy and that can be somewhat heat producing.  The bed may get warm but not hot (like a far infra-red sauna).  

It is not a one-and-done therapy, especially with a condition that has become chronic.  If there is an acute injury, usually a few sessions are all that are needed to help a client.  The suggested treatment is two – three sessions per week for two weeks to really start seeing a difference with pain.  

After two weeks then the client can try backing off to once a week.   

If one wants general wellness (which is what Total You Health recommends and has membership options for this), one session per week is minimum is recommended, however, one can treat every day in the NovoThor bed.  Our members love this because they get several NovoThor sessions per month and get to use all the other therapies for one low price.

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