What is one big overwhelm generator for you? Is it organization? Is it finances? Our current state we are living in with the pandemic, working from home, educating the kids, …. pick one. Let’s face it. There is a lot that we could feel overwhelmed about and it can seem like we are looking uphill at a huge mountain, not knowing what direction to turn in next.

This mountain can make us freeze so that we get nothing accomplished. It just may seem too much to handle. When this happens, look at your feet. Ask yourself, “What is the next step that is most important to take”? Trust where that is leading you. Break things down into smaller bits so they are more manageable. Just look at the one next thing that needs to be done. Usually, we know what that is and are capable of taking it that step.

Sometimes the hardest part about this is just getting started, but once you do, you can look at the next smallest piece to get accomplished. Before you know it, you are halfway up the mountain! How would that feel to you?

How about time constraints? How do you manage those? I work, I have kids, a dog, I’m taking a class, I have to cook dinner, make time to workout … again, there is a lot that can overwhelm us.

Here is a tip – use Block scheduling! See how below:

1) Treat the blocked out time as sacred time. Look at how much time you have to block. The biggest thing when you create the block of time is to allow enough time and make sure to schedule it. Look at it with strong intention that this is sacred time you are creating for you. Be resistant to giving this time up. Honor this time you have set aside.

2) Ask for support. Do you have people who live with you that may distract you from what you need to do? Prepare these people for the new journey you are taking and the time you are setting aside. Ask for their support not to interrupt you during this time and then afterwards, you can be fully there for them.

3) Create an environment with as little distraction as possible. You need to fully pay attention and do what you set out to do. To make this as successful as possible, shut down everything else – phone, computer, tv, radio, etc. Make this time as valuable as you can.

As you block schedule, the quality of your relationships may go up because you are now very present for everything else. You can focus on one thing at a time because you are blocking it out.

Start with just one thing – keep it simple, then when you get that down, add something else. Build on to it and before you know it, you will have made some significant progress towards getting some much needed things off your plate so you can make time for other things.

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