When I bring up the idea of New Year’s resolutions, I get a mixed reaction from people. Some individuals will set them and are successful with the follow through. Others believe it is absurd to make them in the first place. You may be one of those individuals that really doesn’t care either way. You could be one that sets a resolution, and that is as far as it goes. You may find yourself not fully committed and not producing the results you had in mind.

Wherever you are on the spectrum – I want to encourage you to do an Active Plan of Action. If there is a goal set, but no plan of action, then what does that make it? A wish. I want more for you than just a wish for good health. I want you to achieve better health this year. I don’t care how little or how small. I want progress for you. YOUR motivation is the key to progress. Good ole motivation. That is a discussion for another time. Side note… Motivation and I have a complex relationship. Yes, it’s complicated.

Let’s take a subject…

Stress. Remember that from last week? How could you forget!?!? Maybe you have sheltered away from all forms of communication and the world as we know it is not affecting you. LOL! Spoiler – if you are reading this, we know the answer to that statement.

Can we just agree that you deal with stress every day? Discussing it again is definitely worth repeating. I want Stress Management to be a goal. Please… your body needs it to be a goal. Your mind needs it to be a goal. Your emotions need it to be a goal. I gave you tasks to do, and I am going to repeat them again and call it Achievable Plan of Action.

Goal – Managing your stress level.

  1. Walk 3x a week. 20-30 mins each time
  2. Spend 5-10 mins a day meditating. Try and think about nothing but you’re breathing. Take several deep breaths.
  3. Positive thinking. How is that working out? Yes – it is a battle. Take two things that are really weighing you down. Two things that you are extremely negative about and are frustrating you. Now I want you to try and to find something positive about them. If you can’t find something positive, find something to be grateful for in the situation. If you can’t do either of those. Then get a plan to find a way to change the situation.

That last one is so tough. I know we are all battling with our thoughts about positivity.

I leave you with this thought today. I want you to dwell over it this next week.

Don’t Believe Everything You Think.

Go out and be kind to someone. We all need it!

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