Total You Health has a new solution to pain – the MELT method! What is that you might ask, and how does a method that just uses soft body rollers and balls help with so many symptoms from pain, to sleep issues, to overall well-being?

MELT is a simple, no pain solution that uses simple equipment to relieve joint compression and stiffness, improve athletic performance as well as pain symptoms, and restore the body’s balance. It addresses the body’s connective tissue system – the system under your skin that supports, protects, and stabilizes everything – from skin, bones, nerves, to blood vessels. Every cell in your body relies upon this flexible supporting system to remain stable.

Recent science recognizes that repetitive movements (like sitting in a chair for hours each day), injuries, trauma, and illnesses, all play a part in connective tissue becoming dehydrated. We refer to this as “stuck stress”. That is, daily compression on these tissues causes the blood flow to become restricted. Just like sediment that accumulates in a river, restrictions tend to accumulate in the joints, and this causes pain.

Connective tissue dehydration is a natural cellular process that happens every single day to all of us regardless of age, activity level, or diet. So, even if you eat right and work out every day, you can still have pain (even athletes experience pain, some on a daily basis). But even if you don’t have pain, you have experienced stuck stress. Do you feel stiff when you first get out of bed or when you get up after sitting for long periods? This is a pre-pain signal. Since it tends to go away after we start moving, we ignore it but, over time, it can cause more noticeable, bigger issues in the body like stiff joints, poor posture, strained muscles, mid-day fatigue, and you start feeling exhausted.

Unaddressed stuck stress can alter our own nervous system’s efficiency too. Do you have trouble falling asleep, even though you are tired? Or do you get up to go to the bathroom during the night? These are signs of a neurological inefficiency. When stuck stress accumulates, the nervous system has to work harder and harder just to maintain balance and it stays in an exhausted state. It can cause more symptoms that may seem completely unrelated to connective tissue dehydration, such as:

All of this accelerates the aging process and increases your risk of injury and chronic pain. So, is there a solution that can restore quality to our connective tissue system and help us regain neurological efficiency?

The great news is YES! The MELT method can help you find stuck stress in the body so you can address your pain symptoms. It can restore neurological imbalances and help your autopilot reacquire its connection to our center of gravity. Lastly, it restores hydration and improves the integrity of the entire connective tissue system.

When these techniques are applied, they use soft compression and body movement. We should not use heavy compression like that of foam rollers to alleviate aches and pains because it tends to go too deep too fast. Why would you cause pain to get out of pain? With this method, we are trying not to cause pain. As a matter of fact, that would be your cue that you are using too much pressure and you should back off it during that movement.

So how can a method that simply uses small balls and a soft body roller do all these things? This method focuses on 2 systems that nutrition and exercise don’t address. Let me ask you a question – how many of you know people who have exercised for years and years but have pain, some chronic, with dysfunction in their hips, backs, knees, and more? Most athletes I know suffer from joint and muscle pain or repetitive stress injuries. Also, did you know for most age groups, 80% of all orthopedic injuries are sports or exercise induced?

Just because you lift weights to build strength doesn’t mean you will have better joint alignment. It doesn’t improve structural stability because the body system that stabilizes us isn’t the musculoskeletal system. But muscle imbalance is just one of the symptoms of a much larger issue. We need to get to the root cause of imbalance, which is not muscle imbalance at all. Did you know muscle weakness can be found in the most well-trained athletes because of chronic compensation?

Now, I’m not against nutrition or getting fit. To the contrary, both are very important. We all want to be fit and eat right. But even though we are trying to stay fit, eat well, and live longer, are we living better? If we all could do something that could improve upon the way we feel, we would all want to live to 120 right?

Cutting edge research has shown that there is a communication system in the body that allows for whole body balance integration. It continually supports, protects, and stabilizes the body and communicates with ALL of the systems and layers in the body. Amazingly, it provides a communication link between different organs, body parts and more with little to no brain input. It is our connective tissue system and it plays an integral part in our neurological well-being. It is the missing link to understanding how the body functions as an integrated structure.

A healthy body is one where all systems effortlessly connect, support, and maintain balance. It also rebalances quickly and effortlessly from the multiple forms of stress we experience every day. Traditional exercises and good nutritional habits can only go so far to keep a body active and healthy. To achieve optimum health, we need to treat the body’s ability to remain stable and balanced.

If instability and compensation persist, pain is almost always the result. Keep in mind the body can compensate many times before instability occurs. But when this goes on for too long, greater compensation happens. At some point, the body will be unable to compensate further, which causes pain. A body that is emotionally and physically unstable is a body that has pain.

So what alters our stability and creates a need for compensation? Accumulated stress! Our mind not only processes stress, but so does our body. This “stuck stress” accumulation exhausts the internal stability system. Once our stability system (connective tissue) is impaired, all other systems slowly degrade due to the inability of the body to repair and restore balance. Stability on every level is affected, from poor posture and joint compression to cellular function. This affects metabolism, digestion, absorption, cell growth, and neurological communication.

Instead of popping a pill which can lead to greater stress accumulation and doesn’t get to the root of the problem, listen to your body’s alarm system. Do you want to remain on multiple medications to endure day-to-day living?

MELT directly affects the stability system, the connective tissue, enhancing the sustainability of it. If we ignore this system, all of our healthy choices will fall short of truly providing benefits long term. I urge you to come check out how to create a balanced body and enjoy an active pain-free lifestyle for your entire lifetime!

Total You Health now offers MELT classes in a live, private one-on-one, Zoom, or in a group setting (spaces are limited). Please refer to our events on our website ( or go to our Total You Health Facebook page under Events. All that is required for a class is to schedule it (keep in mind spaces are limited), and to bring a yoga mat. All other equipment is provided (but is available for purchase). Keep checking in because we are adding new classes all the time.

Even if you are not in town to take advantage of these classes, you can set up a virtual, one-on-one session with me. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary method! MELT is for anyone, of any activity level, and any condition. It is more fun to move when your body feels good, has more energy, and is free of pain. What do you have to lose? Sign up for a class today and start feeling better!

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