We are definitely still living in crazy times! Who would have thought back in March we would STILL be dealing with a pandemic right now? Given how much attention there is on that and hearing that numbers of cases are on the rise, I wanted to devote this blog to talking about inflammatory conditions and what you can do about them. Why is this something I am dedicating a whole podcast to? Because inflammation can wreak havoc on your entire body!

Whether you experience any kind of pain, have a chronic disease, or are recovering post-COVID, most every one of us has some level of inflammation in their bodies. So, what does the medical community say about inflammation? Did you know the most accepted reason by the medical community as to the underlying cause for most chronic diseases is inflammation? That’s right! But how, you may ask, do we get so inflamed to start with and what do we do about it?

One thing you can do is get a copy of my FREE eBook, “Healing From Within”, where I discuss in detail how we get inflammation, a list of foods we can eat to better support our bodies, another list of foods to stay away from to lessen inflammation, and much more. Again, it is FREE and only 14 pages, so I really just want you to have this as a resource and know that there are things within your control that you can do every day to improve your condition.


Even though there is still a lot that we don’t yet know about this infection, we do know that inflammation plays a big part in it. The good news is, there is something you can do if you have this that is non-toxic, non-invasive, and may help you recover faster. AND – it’s right here in Roanoke! If you are outside of the Roanoke, VA area, you can always go to www.NovoThor.com/locations to find a location near you. There are places all over the U.S. that may be able to help you.

There was a news segment that aired recently on an ABC news affiliate in Boston that features Dr. Scott Sigmon at Lowell General Hospital. He is working to provide a non-toxic, non-invasive treatment for COVID-19 patients using cold laser therapy. You will see before and after treatment x-rays of the lungs of an actual post-COVID patient and see for yourself how effective the therapy was just after 4 straight days of treatment!

For those of you who don’t know, the doctor will refer to this therapy as cold laser therapy. Photobiomodulation therapy is the overall, “umbrella” term used for all red-light therapy. So, the terms cold laser therapy, cold level laser therapy, red light therapy, low level laser therapy, all have to do with Photobiomodulation. I just wanted you to know they are all terms for the same type of therapy.

Within this type of therapy, however, there are definite differences in equipment, mainly concerning the dosage each one uses. That is a podcast for another time, but in my opinion, Photobiomodulation should contain both red LED light at around 660 nm and near infra-red light at around 850 nm. This is the type of PBM therapy that we use at our offices, Total You Health and Total Equine Health. We have been in business over 2 ½ years, but have used this therapy going on 8 years. Within that period of time, we have seen some very remarkable outcomes for conditions that range from various types of arthritis, fibromyalgia, Lyme disease, MS, Lupus, spot pain (low back, knee, etc.), as well as depression, anxiety, PTSD, and more. So, it is no surprise to me that post-COVID patients are seeing good results with using it.

In this news segment, you will hear the doctor describe how the therapy works in scientific terms. I am going to explain in terms that most everyone can understand. When we are exposed to toxins in our environment (such as viruses, bacteria, chemicals), are cells get stressed. Cells also get stressed when we have an injury or experience a trauma. In a stressed condition, cells give off nitric oxide, which binds with other material in our cells, thus blocking out oxygen.

Why is low oxygen (called oxidative stress) in our cells a big deal? Because cells need oxygen in order to make energy. When the cells don’t have enough energy, they can’t function at 100%. This is what leads to inflammation. Well guess what? If our cells aren’t functioning at 100%, neither are our bodies! It is no wonder a lot of us are walking around with low energy, lots of inflammation, and just plain not feeling good!

The way PBM (or red light) therapy works, is that at the right dosage (which is key when finding the right equipment to have the best outcomes) the light penetrates to the mitochondria of the cell, causing a reaction that releases nitric oxide from the cell. Once that happens, there is more room in the cell for oxygen to come in so the cell can make energy to do all its necessary functions.

Clients can tell this is happening when they come to Total You Health because closer to the end of their session, they may feel a bit warmer. That is not because the bed is getting any warmer. It is because the cells are shedding the nitric oxide, allowing more room for oxygen to enter, so that the cell can produce energy from it. Producing energy sometimes causes heat, so this is why towards an end of a session, the body may feel warmer than it did when the session started.

I encourage you to watch the news segment (it’s only about 1 ½ minutes long) and hear from someone in the medical field talk about how it was helpful for this post-COVID patient. I also strongly encourage anyone who has had COVID and who may be struggling with inflammatory conditions, to please come try this therapy! Again, there are no drugs nor needles involved. Best of all, there are no contraindications with it (except for pregnancy). Don’t suffer; come see us at Total You Health and start feeling better again!

To get more information on this blog, see The Total You Show on your favorite streaming app or go to https://www.totalyouhealth.org/copy-of-season-1 to view the podcast, “Help for Chronic Conditions to COVID-19”.

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