Tesla Fit Duo PEMF Spot Treatment

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Tesla Fit Duo PEMF Spot Treatment

Total You Health also offers PEMF therapy in the form of a spot treatment.  It uses the same frequencies as does the mat, but the technician can set the equipment for different amounts of time and levels, depending upon what the client can tolerate.  The client usually does not feel anything while using the PEMF mat.

People who are very sensitive to electromagnetic fields sometimes feel a tiny pulse from the current.  The spot treatment does have a sound and a pulsing feel, much like a TENS unit.  There are different settings to this and usually clients can tolerate the maximum setting.  The spot treatment is also a 30-minute treatment and uses attachments for different areas of the body.

The PEMF spot treatment comes with four attachments – a large loop, double butterfly loop, a paddle applicator and a medium mat.  The large loop is used to slip over the foot and brought up to the hip to help with sciatic or hip pain.  It can also be placed over the head and brought down to rest on the shoulders to help with the neck area.

The double butterfly loop can be placed on a knee, elbow, neck, or any area that may have more than one side to treat at the same time.  The paddle is meant more for flatter areas, such as a low back, underneath a thigh, etc.  Lastly, the mat can be laid upon to effect a larger back area.

The PEMF spot therapy has two treatment channels, so we can treat two body parts at the same time or treat two people with two different attachments at the same time.  It has five intensity levels that can be run at 5 or 10 minutes at a time.  This system is easy to use and can be set three times for a total of 30 minutes of treatment.

At the lowest intensity, the pulse rate is about five pulses per second and at the highest, slower than one pulse per second.  There is always a 10 Hz frequency running as this has been proven to be useful for cellular regeneration, both neurological and physical.  

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