BioBalance Whole Body PEMF Mat

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BioBalance Whole Body PEMF Mat

The whole body PEMF treatment pulses electromagnetic fields throughout the body to accelerate healing, strengthen the immune system, facilitate better nutrient absorption, and increase oxygenation in the cells, among many other things (which all work to decrease inflammation and oxidative stress).

Total You Health offers a PEMF therapy mat that treats the entire body. It projects waveforms with various frequencies of 300 – 1,000 Hz, and, depending upon the client goals (such as to reduce pain, help with anxiety, reduce chronic fatigue, and more), the suggested program is selected and the timer set according to the protocol for the condition. It is very easy to use as a client just takes off shoes and places all electronics to the side. Once a client is lying on the mat, the technician sets the equipment. Typically, a session lasts 15 – 30 minutes.

The PEMF mat has six different programs to choose from, based upon the client’s goal.

These programs range from Alert, Balance, Recovery, Relax, Sleep, and Sweep. Each program can be set for a certain amount of time and intensity level, based on a client’s needs and condition. The Sleep program is not used in the office as this is meant to be used throughout the night to help one sleep better.

The Alert program is used on someone that complains of brain fog, chronic fatigue, or general tiredness. This program, as well as the one for Relax and Sleep, uses frequencies that spread out evenly over the course of the chosen treatment time. It assists with mental acuity and focus and helps one to feel more attentive while improving mental function and physical efficiency. This is not recommended to use near bedtime. It uses frequencies in the Beta range.

The Relax program is mainly used for people with addictions, such as smoking. It is intended to quiet the overactive mind while promoting overall relaxation. This uses frequencies in the alpha and theta wave range and can be used any time of day or night.

Balance is used for anxiety, attention deficit, or health maintenance. It uses high theta and low alpha waves, including the resonance frequency of 7.8 Hz, which is the fundamental resonance of the Earth’s atmosphere. It promotes relaxation, bringing balance to the body and mind, while assisting with stress management. There is no set amount of time this can be used, so depending on a client’s objective, it may be used for an hour or longer.

Recovery can be used for many conditions, some of which are various aches and pains, arthritis, back pain, circulation issues, and more. This program is intended to promote cellular stimulation and alertness. It uses 10 Hz, which has been shown to be useful for circadian rhythm stabilization, tissue regeneration, and mindfulness. It can be used throughout the day.

Lastly, the Sweep program is used for general health maintenance or to just give yourself a tune-up. It is different from all the other programs as it only runs for 15 minutes. It is an all-purpose program that moves through a wide range of frequencies so that your body takes in what it needs, ignoring those it does not need. This is only to be used during the day. The frequencies of this program range from .5 Hz to 1,000 Hz. Some comments we get from this program is that one feels more energy afterwards, more awake, and feel better. We primarily use this when one needs a “pick me up” and is used at employer offices/events.

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